When you register on Shopstar, you will automatically get a site (example: shopname.shopstar.co.za) but ideally you want your own domain set up.

To register a custom domain, we recommend you visit www.registerdomain.co.za, and purchase your custom domain here.

If you want custom email to go with it, you need to purchase web hosting too. If not, then just the purchasing the domain name will be fine.

You can add a custom domain under Settings >> General >> Custom Domain. You add the link to the domain in the field provided and click on ‘Add domain’. Please note, you can't just add a name, it needs to be a registered domain. After that you will get the following message: Your domain needs to be pointed correctly with your domain register, if the domain is not pointing correctly.

Please make sure to also following these steps:

  • Please point A records for both the naked domain and the www subdomain to the IP address:
    Shopstar will automatically configure your domain once it is pointed.

If you don't know what the above means, contact your domain registrar and pass these instructions on to them.

This update will take a couple of hours to propagate, so if you have just done the changes, please check back in 48 hours. Once the settings are correct a message will say, that it is all correctly set up in GREEN. It is important to have the correct setting before you go live.

Please contact our support department if you need help.

Tip: If you have more than one domain, then you will need to redirect the other domain(s) to the one you have pointed to Shopstar.

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