Under the settings menu you will find 'Payments.'

Here you can set up how you would like to receive payments. There are three options:  

  1. Payment Gateway to allow Credit Card transactions as well as instant EFT 
  2. Snapscan
  3. EFT

Click on the Settings >> Payments and select which payment gateway you would like to use for your customers. Before doing this you will have to set up an account with your preferred payment gateway.

Payfast:  If you select Payfast you will have to enter your Merchant ID and your Merchant key.  Click here to see how to set up a Payfast account to obtain your Merchant ID and your Merchant Key.

Paypal:  If you select Paypal you will have to enter your Merchant email.

Snapscan: If you select Snapscan you will have to get a Snapscan Merchant ID and you will have to email help@snapscan.co.za and ask them to add the following URL as a webhook to your SnapScan account. https://app.shopstar.co.za/checkout/notification/snapscan

:  If you do not want to accept credit card payments, simply leave the PayPal, Payfast and Snapscan sections empty

Payments by EFT:  If you would like to offer EFT, please click Accept payments by EFT. A box is visible where you can type in your instructions on making EFT payments, your bank details, and the reference they need to use.  This message will be emailed to the buyer once they've placed an order and selected to pay by EFT.  You do not need to add "Hi" or "Regards...." information.  Shopstar will do this for you.

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