Everyone loves a beautiful and functional shop and we have put together some tips from the experts.

  1. Images are key. Good quality, "clean" images with a white/plain background. 

  2. Navigation: make it very obvious and user friendly. When there are too many clicks and pages, you lose shoppers instantly

  3. Look at your prices, including your delivery fees. The delivery fee can't be more than the product.

  4. Clean and minimalist designs. This is so important! When adding busy backgrounds, bad images and loads of colourful texts, its just too much. Keep it professional - this is your shop front.

  5. Slider images: all slider images need to be the same size. 

  6. Keep shipping simple. It's a give and take. Offering too many options might become confusing

  7. Adding gift vouchers and specials encourages shoppers to buy your product - make them feel special.

Key items: Clean, Easy to navigate, Minimalistic and Great/Professional images with amazing Sliders do the trick.

If you want to chat to someone about how to get your shop up and running beautifully and functionally? Get in touch with support@shopstar.co.za

Example Shops:
Nordic Nuss
Surf Ears
Van der Vloed
Ikhaya Elite

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