We work with several external professionals in the areas of:

  • Content creation

  • Branding

  • Photography

  • Film makers¬†

  • Online marketing

  • Social media

We / shop owners worked with:

Designers - logos, C.I. and shop set up:
Marize of http://www.sheisvisual.com/ https://www.instagram.com/sheisvisual/

Serena Boon: serenajboon@gmail.com http://www.serenababina.com/

Maria Megdalena van Wyk: Maria Magdalena van Wyk (also photography)  

Carmen Taylor: https://simplysocialpr.co.za/

Elke Dunaiksi - Bright Owl Design, Stellenbosch

Johannesburg - design and set up:

Bronwyn Furno of Shopstar and http://beardsandbanjos.co.za/

Alexandra Lasch of http://www.dzeinstudio.co.za/

Photography and Styling:

Gareth Hubbard: http://garethhubbard.com/

Carla Erasmus: http://www.carlaerasmus.com/series/landskap and www.bofred.co.za/

Armor Coetzee of Dayfeels

Lindy Kriek +27834391878.

Wida of http://cupcakerichard.com/

Video and Photography - Cape Town
Malan Louw Tel 071-4344-868

Stills + Hotdesking studio in Cape Town.

Digital Marketing and Content Creation
One Day Company
Hells Bells Digital

Packaging: Cape Town Box or Tuberose.

Printing of labels, flyers: Trident Press or Castle Graphics in CT. Shafeeka. 021 510 0655. Shafeeka@castlegraphics.co.za.

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