1. Go to Google Search Console

2. Add your website to Google Search console

3. Next, you will see a "Verify Ownership" block popup like below:

4. Under "Other verification methods", select "HTML Tag". It will then show you a piece of code like this:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="FWoONmtyZfCbSFoWQ5a_OpgbTTAC2XFASX2uyD5zMD8" />

5. What you need to do, is COPY the contents of the content="" section. In this case, it would be: FWoONmtyZfCbSFoWQ5a_OpgbTTAC2XFASX2uyD5zMD8

Please note, the contents of this will be different for every user, so copy the one displayed to you.

6. Once you have copied the right piece of text to your clipboard, open your Shopstar admin dashboard in a new tab.

7. When logged into your admin dashboard, select "Settings" then "General". You will see a tab called "Tracking tools".

8. Navigate to Tracking tools, and paste the text you copied into the "Google Search Console" section.

9. Scroll down, click "Update analytics tools" and you're done! Go back to Google Search Console, and click "Verify".

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