Web optimized Logo: Ideal Format: JPG or PNG  (on transparent)
Resolution: 72dpi
Ideal maximum height: 250 - 300 pixels

Web optimised product images

Format: JPG or PNG
Resolution: 72dpi
Size: 100KB - no larger than 500KB
Height: 300-600 pixels
Width: 300-600 pixels
or 800X800px for square

Tip: Try and keep all image sizes the same.
Tip 2: If you can, make use of a professional photographer, contact Shopstar for more information.  

Banner images/sliders

Ideal Format: JPG
Resolution: 72dpi
Width: between 960 and 1024 pixels (up to 1400px for full screen width)
Height: 350-450px
Size: 200-500KB max

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