Did you know you can link your Shopstar store with Facebook and Instagram?

In the past, the only way to connect your followers with your products was through the link in your bio, or links in Instagram Stories, this new feature provides a seamless experience for people to shop products directly from your posts.

To setup your

Step 1 - Locate your Product Feed URL

  • In your Shopstar admin area, go to Sales Channels

  • You will see a section at the bottom of the page called "FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM PRODUCT ADS"

Step 2 - Upload your Feed to Facebook

  • In Facebook Business Manager go to Assets > Catalogs > Create Catalog.

  • Catalog Type: E-Commerce

  • Click Add Products > Use Datafeed

  • Enter the feed collection url you copied in step 3 above. Leave the username & password blank. Choose a time for your daily upload to occur (early morning is usually a good time). Choose your currency.

  • Click Start Upload and wait for the feed to be fetched and processed.

  • Fix errors: If there are errors, go back, fix them, re-fetch, and keep doing so until the feed is error free. Sometimes it is necessary to delete and re-create your catalog in Facebook for some changes to appear.

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