Since your product data is already stored on your website, the only thing left to do is to feed that data to Google.

That data is sent to Google in a format known as a Product Feed. That’s where Google Merchant Center comes into play.

Step 1 - Locate your Product Feed URL

  • In your Shopstar admin area, go to Sales Channels > Product Feeds

  • You will see a section on the page called "GOOGLE MERCHANT CENTER"

Step 2 - Upload your Feed to Facebook

  • Sign Up / Login to Google Merchant Center

  • Verify the ownership of the domain name (Google Analytics or other methods provided) use the meta tag option during verification and paste the entire <meta tag> into the settings>>general>>custom domain section.

  • Navigate to 'Products' on the left menu, and click on 'Feeds'.

  • Under 'Primary Feeds', click on the + icon to add a new feed.

  • Fill out the basic information under 'basic Information' section and click 'Continue'.

  • Give your feed a name, such as 'Shopstar Products' or 'My Products'

  • When selecting the TYPE of feed, select 'Scheduled Fetch' and click 'Continue'.

  • Under file name, give it a name such as 'My Feed'. You can leave the Frequency, time and timezone as they are.

  • In the 'FILE URL' field, provide your feed URL from above. There is no username/password.

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