We're making some changes to the way orders are identified in your Shopstar Admin Dashboard, as well as on your relevant payment providers.

Note: You can still find orders by invoice number by using the search function and searching for the invoice number.

Currently every order has an associated Order Number as the primary identifier, and an Invoice Number as the secondary identifier. This can sometimes cause confusion between customers and shop owners, and in shop owners' internal teams.

In the screenshot below, the Order Number has a green box, and the Invoice Number has an orange box.

Moving forward, we've made changes the order system to use only Order Numbers. These order numbers will be carried through the entire system, from your admin dashboard to customer checkout to all methods of communication about orders and payments.

This enhancement will make the process of identifying orders and payments simpler, better and faster for you and your customers.

If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know using our live chat or by contacting us on support@shopstar.co.za.

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