After your 30 day free trial ends, you will have to subscribe to one of the Shopstar packages. Just for your information we have listed the packages here again:

  • The Small Guy: R220/mo
    Up to 25 products
  • The Popular Guy: R475/mo
    Up to 100 products
  • The Big Guy: R740/mo
    Up to 200 products
  • The Huge Guy: R1050/mo
    Unlimited products

You automatically start with "The Small Guy".  This package offers you a shop for up to 25 products (with all its variations).  If you enter more products you will automatically be bumped up to the next package "The Popular Guys" which allows for 100 products at R475/month.

If you remove products and fall below a package product limit, you will automatically be bumped down again.

At Shopstar you can stop your shop at any time. You will just have to cancel your subscription.

Extra information on product variations:
On Shopstar 1 product can have multiple product variations such as:
Sizes: small, medium, large - 34, 36, 38 etc
Materials: gold, silver, brass, leather, wood etc
Colours: red, blue, silver etc
Finishes: matt, gloss etc

For the subscription package the amount of products count, not the amount of product variations :)

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