Adding and Managing your products

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Under Product you can set up and manage you shop's products and their settings, which consist out of the following items:

  1. Products

  2. Stock

  3. Manage Endorsements

  4. Tags

  5. Vouchers

  6. Tools

1 Products:

Here you manage and upload your shop's products. You can Add New products, Reorder your products, view your products and view any endorsed products.

1.1 New products
When adding a new product, you have to fill in the following sections:

  • Title

  • A description of your product (your sales pitch)

  • Upload the images (multiple at once is possible, click save at the bottom of the page to make sure they get uploaded)

  • Add tags so your products belongs to a product category / menu item

  • Fill out where this product must be available Online and/or POS and if you want this product to feature on the homepage

  • Product's SKU's (here you add the variations of your product: Sizes, Material, Colours) Give it an identifier (this is for yourself) a title which will be visible to customers in a drop down menu if you have multiple SKU's for 1 product and the price (only fill in original price if you want to make it seem if the product is discounted)

  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page each time you make changes.

2 Stock
In this section you will be able to manage your stock. All your SKU's will be shown in a list view and you can add & adjust stock and also set stock tracking (if you set a SKU to ignore stock, the product stay available to sell, even when it is out of stock - you can ignore stock for online as well as POS).

From this section you can also export your stock list.

3 Manage endorsements
Here you manage any endorsements requests you might have. This section relates to marketplaces and will enable a marketplace to accept or reject any endorsement requests made by other Shopstar shops. To read more about the marketplaces, click here.

You will be able to see the requests, the actual endorsements (requests that have been accepted) and visits sent from your endorsements.

4 Tags
This is the section where you set your menu items / categories for your shop. An example for a clothing shop would be to have tags for: Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Bags.

Once you have set your tags, you can add products to the tags to categorize your products.

5 Vouchers
On Shopstar you can create gift vouchers which you can send via email, social media or print. If you endorse products from other shops, your vouchers can be redeemed on their shops too.

6 Tools

Under Tools in the Products menu you can use our product tools and import or export your product excel sheet.

On Shopstar you can use our product tools to allow your store to be uploaded onto Google Merchant Centre, and Facebook+Instagram ads.

Importing Products:
On Shopstar you can import products using an excel spreadsheet so you don't have to upload every product manually. A example spreadsheet will give you direction of what you need to fill in for your products and you can drop the excel sheet into the field provided to import the products.

Exporting Products:
When you click on export products, it will immediately download an excel sheet with all your products and their information on it.

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